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Mì Cung Đình

– Cung Đình Tet 2019 –

A little bit of Kungfu to spice up your Tet commercial?

Following the great momentum of the summer campaign, establishing the USP as the instant noodle brand with 7 flavors, Cung Dinh wanted to seize the opportunity upon Tet (Lunar New Year) to show its appreciation to beloved consumers with a digital-led campaign.

– Observation –

Although Tet is considered the time for a break after a long year, many Vietnamese mothers & grandmothers often are stuck in tons of preparations, especially cooking special dishes for their families, instead of gathering and sharing the moments together. And that was where we decided to tap into.

– Idea –

Dramatizing home cooking as impressive kungfu skills, delivering by the two kungfu masters- mother & grandmother in the kitchen at Tet for the whole family.

Portraying mother and grandmother as two kungfu masters in the kitchen at Tet, dramatizing their cooking into ultimate legendary skills to cook for the whole family.

– Launch –

The short martial art film starts a social debate about let family eating instant noodles on this special occasion with two group of KOLs sharing their different opinions.

Facebook AR was also implemented to spread the messages using micro influencer profiles.

– Engage –

The discussions #TetAnMi are encouraged by brands with attractive prizes. Some think it’s ok to take a break from the hassle of cooking once in a while and enjoying 7 flavors of Cung Dinh Noodles while others think Tet is all about feasting and instant noodle doesn’t suit such occasion.
Which team are you in?
Well any team is good when the brand are mentioned in such special occasion.

One of our most excited Tet commercial

– Micoem Marketing Team –

– Cung Đình 7 Flavors Launching TVC –

A TVC dressed up like a Game Show

– Brief –

The instant noodle market was so competitive with little differentiation. Everyone is claiming its deliciousness with some beautiful foodshot. How can Cung Dinh Noodle stand out in the competition?

– Idea –

For this category, it’s hard to find something to talk about, well it’s just instant noodle anyway. So after studying the market, we realized that our brand has most diversified flavors compared to its audiences. And that can be a great advantage as people who frequently consume instant noodles would ave different flavors to feel less boring.

Thus a new brand platform is born – “7 Vị Cung Đình” addressing both the brand and the premium good taste as Cung Dinh also means Royal Palace. 7 Flavors of Cung Dinh – 7 Flavors from the Royal Palace.

It’s so successful we even launched
the 7 flavors package version

– Micoem CMO –