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GrabRewards – L.O.V.E

The festive season is pampered with
GREEN LOVE from Grab

After the success of #GrabRewards #GrabThursday launching, Grab marketing team wants to keep the hype in another festive season with Vietnamese New Year, Valentines & Women’s Day…

– Idea –

L.O.V.E, right when the song “Yêu” by Min was still hot, we utilized the familiar rhythm and turned in into GrabRewards song. Sending out all the gifts & the message with LOVE.

– Launch –

First a master clip & KV are out to announce the up coming of rewards from Grab.

Followed by digital contents every week with one teasing about what’s gonna come to this week’s GrabThursday with different types of engagement attraction. Then the revealing content about the presents to once again remind people about 3pm #GrabThursday.

– Result –

Well people were not so happy about it and Grab suffered some complaints because…

…the campaign was so successful in communicating the program that all the rewards are claimed within 2 minutes every Thursday 3pm. Some even shared with us through Facebook comment that they set the alarm, get the phone & the internet all ready at 2:55pm, ready to fight! The promotion campaign was so successful it became a game with live update on Grab’s Facebook.

You guys owes us a dinner because you are
too good at spreading the message that we have to put on
more rewards to calm the massive crowd

– Grab CMO –