Logo & Branding

Hoan Hao Hospital

A Brand Design Make-over
For A New Positioning

– Brief –

M3 Doctor – A Japanese Organization has acquired Hoan Hao Hospital Chain which existed for more than 20 years in Vietnam. The business is ok in the local area yet the brand is way behind in the top health care list. So after the acquisition, M3 Doctor decided to change the name to “Hoan Hao Kei Mei Kai” and upgraded the facilities. They came to us with the request to repositioning the brand from neighborhood hospital to one of the top Health Care Brand.

– Idea –

The old red cross logo of the hospital chain is one of a few special cases approved by the government as since 2000, the law have restricted private companies from using red cross symbol. Thus the client want to keep this shape and color. However, the challenge for us is to differentiate the brand design from the regular red cross symbol. So this is what got the client’s nod right on the first presentation:

– Brand Identity –

– Brand Launching Event –

The design is simple and neat yet really stand out

– M3 Doctor Regional Business Director –