Digital Ads

Pharmacity – Mau Hết Bệnh

The most memorable & game changing
branding campaign in Pharmacy industry

– The Brief –

Pharmacity has covered quite some area around HCMC, yet they are facing the same problem Dien may XANH faced years ago. Lacking communication make the brand unrecognizable by consumers, plus the English name which similar to Pharmacy make people think it’s the same with other Pharmacy.

– Idea –

A month after we rejected to pitch, the CEO came to us sharing that many other agencies trying to differentiate the brand with other with different types of message, but seem like there is nothing really stands out in his opinion.

“Well because they are treating your brand like a FMCG brand with competition and to help you stand out, you always try to differentiate yourself (adding new nutrition, new packaging…). But in such new industry where no one out there making any voice yet, it’s a chance to get to the very core of the industry. In this case – the end benefit/the promise that a pharmacy can deliver to its consumers. And owning that core benefit will be an awareness bomb that putting your brand in the game. Later on, you can add whatever differentiation you like” – That’s how we won the pitch without pitching.

– Launch –

An addictive commercial, singing about the one simple straight-forward message: Speedy recovery, go to Pharmacity! (Mau hết bệnh, đến Pharmacity!) with 30s, 15s and a 6s Bumper Ads version.

A remix version of the commercial is also rock and roll in all the Pharmacity stores and music forum.

Also do check out the most viral page at that time – Thánh Dựng remake commercial which gained a million+ awareness for the campaign.

– Engage –

The unique choreography to the song “Mau het benh” was covered by several KOLs: Don Nguyen, Mac Van Khoa & Cu Toi and other micro-KOLs on Facebook. From there, it went viral with hundreds of consumers’ cover videos, submitting to join in the cover dance competition.

Roadshows were carried out at Pharmacity stores and public places to maximize the campaign awareness, promote the exciting promotions and further consumer engaging activities with our mascot.

It’s a Bomb & I love it!
No more confusion & it’s all about Pharmacity
& Mau Hết Bệnh!

– Chris, Pharmacity CEO –