Điện máy XANH – Birth of A National Phenomenal

500+ Million Social Reaction
A Social Phenomenal
Most Successful Advertisement
A Brand that has 10x more views than Son Tung MTP (2017)

– Idea –

At the time when advertising is all about function with loads and loads of words to worth the expensive media time, we have another approach, simply focusing on the brand and what they sell.

– 7 TVC in a year –

The first hit in 2017 was so big that instead of doing just one TVC, the brand did 7 in 2018, and lots of it has sponsor from other Home Appliance Brands & Installment Companies.

It’s not just one lucky success, but each new TVC created a social hype with so many remake, cover, screen captured as meme… The love from consumers are huge that we feel like a national celebrity.