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The usual Tet drama
with a fun twist

– Brief –

Sun Group- owning Sun World, the local multi-amusement parks and complexes, offers its visitors a variety of entertaining services and enjoyment with 5 different exciting destinations across Vietnam, including: Sun World Ba Na Hills, Sun World Danang Wonders, Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sun World Halong Complex and Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

For Tet 2019, Sun World wanted a fun digital-led campaign to inspire consumers to get away from normal Tet celebrating habits and make it worth the precious holidays. The challenge was how we can achieve it while other brands in different categories were all going for the traditional, even sobby route.

– Idea –

Humanizing Tet into 2 different fun-loving characters: Mr. & Ms. Tet and portraying how they suffer from all the old-fashioned Tet hustles with the twists follow right after, showcasing how Tet should be much more enjoyable for both at Sun World.

– Launch –

A series of 7 short videos (in the forms of 6s, 10s & 30s cuts) were released, capturing Mr. & Ms Tet being stuck in different fun yet familiar scenarios that real consumers might find themselves related to during Tet. We then jump cut to see them enjoying much more exciting activities at different Sun World destinations, from dancing at spring festival to exploring the underwater world. The provoking key message ‘Tet at home or Tet at Sun World?’ was repeated throughout the series to encourage visits during Tet.

– Engage –

A special Sun World AR camera filter was introduced on Facebook, easily activated for consumers whenever they smile for a selfie, which transformed them into a happy Tet version of themselves at Sun World.

Hundreds of entries from consumers, using the AR filters were submitted, to win fascinating prizes from Sun World.

We even turned Tet’s most popular behavior into our media play ground.
A special designed set of cards are given out as direct mail for consumers.
Well, just give out some very gentle suggestion on something more fun to do rather than spending all their holidays playing cards.

Short and effective

– SunWorld CMO –

The First-ever
Summer Cooling Cream

– Brief –

This time, Sun World came to us with their biggest campaign of the year – summer and want something really out of the box thinking that is suitable for the season.

– Idea –

Every year during summer, there are many discussion about the unbearable heat from across the nations. So we took this insight and created a totally unexpected solution for the whining crowd – the first-ever summer cooling cream to save you from the heat.

– Launch –

First we launched a teaser announcing the coming of the the “new cooling product ranges”. We get the crowd crazy about it. Well no one could reject such miracle after days of suffering 40+++ degree Celsius.

After that we launched the master clip revealing the secret ingredients in these products – which are different kind of relaxation at SunWorld Parks. The clip was cut down to 5 15s TVC for each parks. Also a set of KVs helped spread the message.

Want to end the heat? Go to SunWorld!