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Thegioididong Viral Series

– Thegioididong & SAMSUNG S20

This is one asset of SAMSUNG’s new flagship product S20 series launching campaign. The clip feature Diem My 9x through unexpected situations making audiences from one wow after another.

– Thegioididong Tet 2020 Series

Web series of different humorous situations during Tet that encourage people to buy new phone.

– Thegioididong & Xiaomi Redmi 8

The launching of Xiaomi Redmi 8 featuring its best through simple and fun comparison approach. The clip feature Trang Hi – a KOL very popular in the young target audiences. 2 versions are aired targeting consumers with different need – long life battery or cheap price.

– Thegioididong & NOKIA

Leveraging the well-known Nokia ringtone to deliver the new key features of the 2 smartphones with a funny and entertaining approach.

Based on the 2 key features: durable design & outstanding dual camera quality, the TVC consisted of 2 scenarios in which the phone demonstrating its functions to impress the girl. The song went along with its addictive melody and 2 simple verses: “Rất là bền nha! Rất là bền nha! Đó là Nokia! Rất là đẹp nha! Rất là đẹp nha! Đó là Nokia!” (translated to Very durable! It’s Nokia! Very beautiful! It’s Nokia!)