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TP Bank – Chạm

The wonder of “touch”

Launching the new fingerprint function, TP Bank helps consumers enjoy effortless banking right on their finger tip. The challenge for us is to deliver this new function in a memorable and easy to understand for mass audiences, especially ones living in rural area.

– Idea –

The 30s TVC emphasizing the “wonder of touch” by featuring different kinds of touch in people’s daily life. And then introduce them to a whole new power of touch – the effortless banking service right on their finger tip with TP Bank LiveBank.

– Launch –

A 30s TVC was launched nation wide together with a KV all across Vietnam for 3 months. After that, series of 6s Bumper Ads keep on doing the magic reminding people what they can do with a touch. Lastly a promotion TVC pushed the trial to climax with a singleminded and strong message “Touch & Win Gold!”

The result? People starts to explore the new function and organic words of mouth were shared amongst community.

Sometimes repetition in commercial
works better than magic

– TP Bank Marketing Team –