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Yola – Những kẻ ngốc

It’s not an ads, it’s a wake up call

– Brief –

Yola is not only an English Institute that teach language, but through its English programs, Yola helps kids exploring their passion & unlock their potential. And they want the public to know about that instead of just another English school.

– Insight –

In Vietnam, the education grades its student in all aspect from math, literature to art and physics… meaning you have to be good at everything to gain the title of “Good student”. This put a pressure on the young generation who are graded “average” when they don’t good at certain subject.

– Idea –

“The fools” are an interview video asking people with very simple questions in secondary school subjects. Well a lot cannot answer so are they considered “average” if grading by current education system. Well seem these “fools”  in school that are not fools in life as they are all successful person in different industry.

– Result –

The clip started a great discussion online with many organic sharing from KOLs. Some agree with the clip to not put many pressure on kids to be good at everything and also learn more about the program in Yola. Some disagree that knowing these basic knowledge is a must for everyone.

Strong and Awakening
Definitely put the brand up on higher level
that truly care about the generation

– Yola CMO –